August 13, 2003

Okay, so this story, a “slice of life” from Southwest Philadelphia, is both sad and gross, as well as disturbing.

A woman found dead Monday (August 12) in the southwestern section of Philadelphia has been identified by police as Susan Brennan, of an as yet undetermined south New Jersey address.

Brennan’s body was found at 49th Street and Grays Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News (“Police Identify Pregnant Woman Found Strangled, by Catherine Lucey):

A young pregnant woman whose naked body was found in Southwest Philadelphia Monday -- bound with an extension cord and smeared in peanut butter -- was identified last night by police. [Ed.: Emphasis added.]

Mmm . . . Peanut butter.

Now for more details about that peanut butter we turn to the city’s broadsheet, the Philadelphia Inquirer, where Thomas J. Gibbons Jr. colorfully adds, in tabloid style (“Police Identify Dead Woman”):

Police said they suspect the killer might have put peanut butter on the victim to attract rats to devour the remains.


God, I love this city.


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