August 20, 2003

Like their fellow Scandinavians, Norwegians have a reputation for being rather dour and humorless. But it’s an undeserved reputation. After all, the average Norwegian, even the average Scandinavian, is a hell of a lot funnier than the average Finn, who, by the way, geographic proximity notwithstanding, is not even Scandinavian.

And that’s saying something, isn’t it?

The latest evidence of Fun in Norway:

[Y]esterday Kjell Henning Bjornestad, alias Kjell Elvis, that country’s leading Elvis impersonator, set out to break the Guinness World Record for marathon singing of Elvis songs. He’s aiming to sing for 30 continuous hours, beating the old record by almost five hours. […]

Bjornestad, 35, is challenging the record that was set last year by Gary Jay at Planet Hollywood in London: 25 hours, 33 minutes, 30 seconds.

He chose to attempt to break the record in a small restaurant, La Mer, in Vanse, his hometown in southern Norway.

Bonus: A live telecast can be viewed from Bjornestad’s web site.