October 02, 2003

I love Luke.

Don’t worry. This is a story appropriate for the entire family.

Luke is one of my nephews. He’s six years old and known within his extended family as, among things, “Shower Man.” Luke is already over the whole taking baths thing. Luke is a “shower man.”

Okay, so this week Luke went to religious instruction for the first time. His class is held on Tuesdays after school.

After the first class, Luke’s mother, my sister-in-law Janet, was quick to remind him that he would have to attend CCD class each and every Tuesday afternoon.

No problem.

That’s cool by Luke.

“Then I won’t have to go to church on my day off since I already went,” Luke responded.

Wait a minute . . . Since when do six-year-olds have days off? And since when do they decide when and whether they attend Sunday mass?


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