January 25, 2004

Tough Jersey girls have been a topic at TRR in the past. And while I have nothing against tough Jersey girls per se, in no small part because all of my sisters could, for at least part of their lives, have been labeled as such, I find the entire phenomenon humorous, especially when I read something like the following, pulled from Saturday’s Philadelphia Daily News [Ed.: Second item.]:

A disgruntled South Jersey McDonald’s customer was arrested after throwing a fit -- and two milkshakes -- because her order took too long.

Michelle Molina, 29, was charged with simple assault and criminal mischief Thursday after the incident, police said.

The incident began when Molina and a man ordered five Happy Meals and three Value Meals at the drive-thru window of Store No. 18581 in Pleasantville, N.J.

The two had received part of their order and manager Ron Gaskill was bringing the rest when they pulled away, parked and walked inside to get the rest of the food. […]

Molina and the man then berated Gaskill with obscenities before Molina threw a soda, a chocolate shake and then a second chocolate shake at him.

The first shake hit him in the chest; the other drinks sprayed the kitchen, spoiling some food.

God love the wayward Jersey girl. After all, she’s just being herself.


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