May 25, 2005

Can’t let this story go by without notice.

The remodeled and expanded Adventure Aquarium today opens across the Delaware River in Camden, N.J.

According to a wrap-up in the Philadelphia Daily News -- “Big Changes,” by Robert Strauss -- the aquarium, formerly known as the Thomas H. Kean New Jersey State Aquarium (a name no doubt chosen by committee), now features expanded attractions, including two hippopotami, Genny and Button (both of whom remarkably resemble my bulldog Mildred), shark feedings and opportunities to swim among the sharks, African penguins, crocodiles, and a 4-D theater. (The “4” has nothing to do with the visual experience and everything to do with the auditorium seats moving -- I think.)

A large crowd turned out this morning according to “Crowds -- and Protest -- Mark Aquarium Opening,” by Kristen A. Grahams in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

No doubt hoards seeking a glimpse of the Mildred look-alikes.

[For additional coverage, read “Sea Change on Camden Waterfront,” by Elisa Ung, Inquirer, May 22; and “Splash (and Cash?) in Camden,” an Inquirer editorial, May 24.]

[Post-publication addendum (May 26): See also “Aquarium is a Hit -- With Most,” by Kristen A. Graham (Philadelphia Inquirer, May 26).]

[Post-publication addendum (May 28): The Inquirer returns to the Adventure Aquarium in Friday’s “Weekend” section with “Oceans of Fun in Camden,” by Hannah Davis.]


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