June 21, 2005

No, I’m really, really not obsessed with Tom Cruise. Truly I couldn’t care less about his comings and goings, but lately I’ve repeatedly encountered, strictly by accident, so many strange news items about the actor that I just can’t help myself.

The latest bit appears in today’s Page Six, the New York Post’s daily gossip round-up [bolding and hyperlinks added]:

Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks are about to get socked with one heck of a bill for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’[s] trip through France. The companies are co-producing “War of the Worlds” and are responsible for paying Cruise’s hotel tab -- which, for June 17 and 18, was upward of $30,000. The p.r. woman for the hotel said: “Tom and Katie were at the luxurious Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port in Marseille. Tom’s entourage, which included members of the Church of Scientology, took the entire third floor and parts of the second floor. Thirty-four rooms were reserved in total, and there were 40 people on his security staff. Tom stayed in our presidential suite with Katie at $1,200 per night.”

So are the 40 members of the security guard scientologists, and if not, with exactly how many peons does the little guy -- this presumably really, really tough little guy -- travel?


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