November 23, 2005

Long Overdue Overheard Blogging

I overheard this snippet of conversation a few months ago while waiting for a table at a modest little eatery in the southernmost reaches of Center City.

Middle-aged Woman (after stumbling loudly toward the bar): “Oh my God! Thank God! My foot’s been killing me!” [At this point she’s using both hands to sort of pluck, I guess is the word, at her lowest appendage on, I believe, the right side of her body.] “I thought I was getting a blister under my toe, but it was just an aspirin! I had an aspirin stuck under my toe!”

Now, of course, this is all very weird, and altogether too weird to overhear, and it only gets weirder when I inform you that said middle-aged woman was wearing not shoes, but sandals, a type of footwear designed to allow, and preferred by many (though assuredly not me) because they purportedly allow, one’s feet to breathe, for lack of a better word to describe something so inherently vile. And yet still said aspirin tablet stuck to her toe, a travesty that suggests to me that her feet, aspirating within the generally liberating reach of the sandals, were entirely too, well, wet for the occasion.


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