November 13, 2005

All of Philadelphia, or, to be honest, but a mere sliver of the vast populace here, is all aquiver and astir about the latest cover story published by PW, the “alternative” weekly paper (Wednesdays) formerly, though generally still, known as the Philadelphia Weekly, “Die, Hipster, Die.”

They’re practically buzzing about it! (And, may I say, there’s no one so tiresome as an aficionado of marijuana who thinks he has discovered the great secrets of the universe therein and just cannot stop talking about it? Snoozzzze.)

Frankly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

I found the piece, by Neil Ferguson, to be tame, gentle, and altogether too fearful of offending hipsters genuine and fake, the distinction to me entirely unclear, those who are, well, PW core readers, and far too averse to putting these poseurs in their place, would there were anyone who cared.


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