February 03, 2006

It seems there's a difference of opinion among Philadelphia film critics regarding Helen Hunt's performance in the newly released feature, A Good Woman.

Carrie Rickey, writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer in "Updated Wilde Trifle Tasty, If not Nutritious," says, "Hunt, whose flutelike voice makes music of [Oscar] Wilde's dialogue . . . ."

Meanwhile, Sam Adams in the City Paper writes, "Delivering every line in a cracked waver, Helen Hunt seems less like a woman with a shady past than a throat cold."

I've never been a fan of Hunt, to say the least, particularly of her annoyingly "I'm going for cloying" tone of voice. Besides, I'm on record as despising the sound of a flute, and, to top it off, I've seen two and that's two too many, previews of this wretched-looking picture, so I'm taking Adams's side on this one.


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