February 14, 2006

During the space of less than an hour at noon-time today, I saw three men, presumably homeless, lying on the sidewalk: the first near 16th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway; the second on 17th Street near Chestnut; and the third on 18th Street at Sansom.

The first man had covered himself completely with a blanket and was being left alone.

As I approached the second, who was on his side, facing away from the street and abutting the building, I saw two twenty-somethings, a man and a woman, who thought it would be funny, just downright hilarious, to leave by his side, without his seeing, a single penny.

And as I neared the third a middle-aged man coming from the opposite direction looked down at him and gave him a great big sarcastic, "Hey, you made it! Good to see ya'!" Har, har, har.

Did that make you feel big, you jerk?


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