December 11, 2006

Nothing good will come of this:

A new Cambridge company is planning to launch a service that would allow drivers to hunt for parking spaces using their cellphones.

A kind of eBay for parking spots, the service will be an online market for anything from driveways that private property owners want to lease for a few hours to empty spaces at garages and curbside metered spots that are about to become vacant. . . .

To use the service, customers would punch in the address of a destination, along with the date and time they want to arrive. A map would pop up with a list of nearby available spots, showing the price of each and the time it would take to walk to the final destination.

The service, to be tested in Boston, Cambridge, New York, and San Francisco, uses information from local garages, which will list spaces they have empty at any given time, and posts from those who own spaces they don't use during vacations or work hours. Eventually, Rollert said, the service will include postings from motorists who have parked at metered spaces and want to auction their departure time to the highest bidder.

Because what we really need right now, is a reason for more drivers to be spending more time on their cell phones.


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