March 09, 2007
Philadelphia is a big city; a huge metropolitan area. There's something for everyone here. I've known that for a long time, and yet I still sometimes encounter something that really hammers the point home. I did so today when I discovered, while reading the Weekend section of the Philadelphia Inquirer, that there is in this city a flute group, known, if at all, as the Flute Society of Philadelphia.

Wow, cool, flutes! I love flutes. Not really.

And do you know what I like less than the flute? The piccolo. Smaller, uglier, more piercing and annoying.

So I think I'll pass on the Flute Society's upcoming event, "A Piccolo Extravaganza!"

The group's web site advises, "Come early and try out a variety of piccolos!"

Oh God. Wait, I mean, Oh God!

March 07, 2007

The Washington Post today features "Philadelphia's BYO Revolution," by Jason Wilson, about the proliferation of "bring your own bottle [or booze]" restaurants in this city.

Wilson generally gets it right, in terms of both the advantages and disadvantages of the trend for diners. But with respect to the latter, what Wilson doesn't mention is the typical BYOB charges fairly high prices for its appetizers and entrees, presumably to make up for the profits lost by not selling wine and liquor. So, if you're not drinking, your money likely would be spent better elsewhere.