There is Such a Thing
March 09, 2007
Philadelphia is a big city; a huge metropolitan area. There's something for everyone here. I've known that for a long time, and yet I still sometimes encounter something that really hammers the point home. I did so today when I discovered, while reading the Weekend section of the Philadelphia Inquirer, that there is in this city a flute group, known, if at all, as the Flute Society of Philadelphia.

Wow, cool, flutes! I love flutes. Not really.

And do you know what I like less than the flute? The piccolo. Smaller, uglier, more piercing and annoying.

So I think I'll pass on the Flute Society's upcoming event, "A Piccolo Extravaganza!"

The group's web site advises, "Come early and try out a variety of piccolos!"

Oh God. Wait, I mean, Oh God!


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