October 02, 2003

Did you know, and I’m betting you didn’t, that you can use a shower cap pilfered from a hotel room in your kitchen on a everyday basis?

I didn’t either!

But Heloise, she of “Hints From Heloise” fame, did, or at least does now, thanks to one of her readers, Missy Rubin of Alexandria, Va.

Miss Rubin writes (to Heloise, not to me):

What to do with all those shower caps you collect at hotels? You can use them instead of plastic wrap or foil to cover food, and it’s so much easier. Also, you can wrap your shoes in them when packing for a trip.

I can say honestly that I never would have thought of either use for a hotel shower cap. I also can say honestly that I’ve never checked out of a hotel with a shower cap in my possession. So little did I know.

If TRR readers have any other suggestions for how to use a hotel shower cap, aside, that is, from using a hotel shower cap as a home shower cap, do take the time to write me a letter (okay, an e-mail) so I may share your wisdom and creativity with other readers.


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