August 14, 2005

Playing on the tradition of the "Overheard" series intermittently published here,
allow me to share a few things "seen" in Philadelphia just today and today only, presented in chronological order:

At 10th and Market Streets: The skinniest heroin addict ever, shirtless and looking very ribby, asking for spare change so he could "get something to eat." Gee whiz, pal, forget the change. Let me buy you an Egg McMuffin and force feed it to you.

At 12th and Walnut Streets: A 60-something woman passed out at a table in front of Cosi.

At 8th and Lombard Streets: About 100 women, all of them over the age of 60, exiting the Society Hill Playhouse following the first Sunday matinee performance of "Menopause: The Musical," blue hair -- Even purple! And you know what I mean. -- abounding.

At 8th and South Streets: Two of the scariest black drag queens ever, wearing the nastiest sunglasses imaginable, loitering in front of the state store, which location is closed on Sundays, much to their irritation. ("State store" is Philadelphia-ese for liquor store.)

At 10th and Spruce Streets: A woman with -- and this sight was a first for me -- four piercings on her back, just below the neck. I didn't even know they did that, and I can't for the life of me imagine how it's accomplished.

God, I love this town.

Oh, and by the way, twice today I was complimented by cashiers for my "beautiful
signature," the same phrase used both times.


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